2024 Wisconsin Musky Expo

Lee had moved on from the braiding company and now had his own composites company, but Lee and Dave Burch with the help of a financial backer, and the guarantee of business from Safariland started BBS to be the sole producer of Spiderwire. Dave became the operating partner of this new enterprise and in 6 short months BBS was up and running with the production capability of 3 million plus yards of braid weekly. BBS had an advantage in that from the inception of the plant the goal was to produce small dimension braids utilizing multifilament UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) fibers which are delicate yarns until braided. The advantage was that all the braiding and post braiding equipment was tailored to producing “clean” flawless raw braids. Over the last 3 decades BBS has developed numerous post-braiding systems to enhance the performance of it’s braided fishing line products. Dave has worked closely with many of the fishing industry’s leading companies, as BBS has provided over 30 turn-key OEM braids. Dave has had the opportunity to be on the inside planning of numerous brands and as such has garnered extensive knowledge of this segment of the industry. Dave was not an avid angler when he began his career at BBS and felt the need to understand firsthand from anglers what made a braid perform well in various fishing applications. Dave therefore has spent literally thousands of hours talking to anglers at consumer trade shows all over the US, from the Florida Keys to Alaska. FINS Braids is a natural extension of Dave’s experience. FINS offers the angler numerous styles of high-performance braids each possessing unique properties designed to fit different needs or preferences. Dave and his partners sold BBS in 2001 but Dave continues to work for the new owners, still very much involved in continuing to keep FINS on the cutting edge of fishing line technology.