2024 Wisconsin Musky Expo

Dave Burch – 2:00pm – 3:00pm He brought braided line to the fishing industry. April of this year will mark the thirtieth year Dave Burch, The Braidman, has been centrally involved in the development of modern Superline braids. Dave and his brother Lee had an extensive background in industrial braiding, both began summer jobs at 16 working for a braid manufacturer where 5 of their uncles worked. Dave continued to work at the braiding company whenever possible until graduating from college, after which he pursued other opportunities. Dave’s brother Lee continued to work at the Braid factory after college and became president of the company, and also a member of the YPO, a global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives. Another member of the YPO, Safariland CEO Scott O’Brien, became aware that the Spectra fibers used in producing Safariland’s ballistic vests could be used to create a new style of fishing line. Safariland showed their new Spiderwire for the first time at the Shot Show in 1993, where it was a great success. Safariland lacking braid production capability needed to find a reliable source for this new opportunity.