Exhibitor Policy


It is the policy of the Wisconsin Musky Expo to provide for its exhibitors as retail environment that, to the greatest extent possible, does not represent excessive product competition.

To that end, the Wisconsin Musky expo reserves the right to offer booth space to a potential exhibitor based upon the impact of the potential exhibitor product offerings as they relate to the potential success of current exhibitors who offer the same or similar products.

The Wisconsin Musky Expo reserves the right to provide previous exhibitors the first opportunity to secure booth space at upcoming events. Once all previous exhibitors have had a reasonable time frame to secure such booth space, the Wisconsin Musky expo will then exercise its right to provide booth space opportunities in accordance with this exhibitor policy. All exhibitors are required to engage professional decorum in their booth and to refrain from criticizing or de.-faming other Expo exhibitors.

Exhibitor Information:

Corner and non-corner Booths, Size 10x10 are available.

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